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"The service provided by Mr. Bowen and his staff without a doubt excelled our expectations during the construction of our dream home; they were very flexible and straight forward throughout the entire process. Not only did they procide a good support during the construction of our home, but also after the closing. "
- The Rivera Family, Killeen Tx.

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The Bowen family has been building starter homes, multi family, commercial, and custom homes all over Central Texas for nearly 50 years.  Family members like Jack W. Bowen, John W. Bowen, Larry W. Bowen, Judy Bowen Clark, and John D. Bowen were all raised in different parts of Central Texas, and have all been a major part of the construction and Real Estate industry in Central Texas for a half a century.

John D. Bowen originates from Copperas Cove and Kempner, Texas, and now resides in Lampasas, Texas with his family.  John D. Bowen worked all areas of construction beginning at the early age of 13.  After attending Sol Ross State University, John found himself back working in the family’s framing projects in College Station, Texas.  From there John worked as a licensed plumber for Coryell Plumbing in Copperas Cove.  It was then John went to work for the original group of Fox and Jacobs in Killeen, Texas and then later Centex Homes.  During this time, John was in charge of all of the construction operations of the new homes being built in Central Texas.  In 1996, John opened John D. Bowen Construction Company focusing on designing and building custom homes and light commercial construction.  John continues today to operate John D. Bowen Construction on a daily basis and is also involved in the management of Precision Value Homes (PVHTX.com) which builds high quality, low price beginner homes in Killeen and Copperas Cove, Texas.

John D. Bowen Construction has grown to be one of the most respected custom builders in all of Central Texas and even extending into areas like San Saba, Adamsville, Gatesville, Austin, and Liberty Hill.

John D. Bowen Construction is known for its experience in all areas of custom building from land purchase, design, decorating, green building, energy efficient (high rated Energy Star homes in Central Texas), and Smart Homes, etc.

John says the things we do best is customer service, experience in what we are doing, hands on, daily quality control, empowering well qualified employees, sub-contractors, financial stability, creativity in design, and amenities, but probably the most important is the ability to listen to our customers and help them create their dream home that has the best balance of design, and amenities while maintaining pricing that fits the customers pocket book.

John D. Bowen Construction is a staunch supporter of our great nation under God, and the tremendous group of soldiers and other personnel that make up Fort Hood, Texas.  John D. Bowen Construction and Precision Value Homes team up once or twice a year to construct a home; once sold, all the proceeds go to the Association of the United States Army (AUSA).  This money helps support the needs of new soldiers coming to the area for the first time and is also used to support scholarships for active duty dependents graduating from high school.  John D. Bowen Construction and Precision Value Homes are proud to be friends and local supporters of everyone that makes Fort Hood great.

If you're in the market for a custom home, a starter home, or some sort of commercial construction please contact us and give us the opportunity to earn your business and respect.  Our 98% customer satisfaction rating tells you you won’t be disappointed.