Our experience with John D. Bowen Construction has been a most positive one. When my wife and I decided it was time to get out of the city and build, a relative recommended John. We set up an appointment and were sold on him that same day.

While all the planning prior to breaking ground can be a nightmare (We hope NEVER to have to choose tiles again!), John and his staff were very patient and helpful, providing insights and suggestions to make the process easier for us.

As any new homeowner will attest, the time it took to actually be able to break ground was nerve-wracking, as we were fighting the elements and utility workers. We were continually provided updates so were aware of what the next step was and approximately when that would happen. The actual building of the house was exciting. We were constantly amazed as to the expertise of the crews and, should there be any questions concerning something which was done, or not done, a quick call to the office would either have an answer to the question or a correction on-site. When we would visit the job site the workers were always polite and professional.

As the completion of the build neared, John would go though the entire house with us looking for any minute detail which needed to be addressed and would follow through on making sure these items were completed to our satisfaction.

We moved in and thoroughly enjoyed our new home. Several months passed without a problem, but when we did have some issues crop up, an email to John’s office staff would result in fast action to get it resolved.

On the whole, I would recommend John D. Bowen Construction to anyone looking to build. They will not be disappointed!

Scott & Lesley Mather

To John Bowen and Staff,

Dwayne and I would like to Thank you and your entire team for building our Beautiful home. We definitely had the BEST Builder in Central Texas. John, you and your staff went over and beyond the call of duty and explained every detail to us big or small. When the process seemed difficult, you and your team stepped up to the plate and made things right. Although we did not agree on everything, we can truly say that your word is your bond you were a blessing to us and we will always be grateful to you and your staff.

God Bless Dwayne & Wanda Ford

John, just a note to let you know that Paula and I continue to enjoy our new tiny home at the ranch. We delight in having events out there to show it off. You and your crew did a super job of building just what we wanted. It comforted me knowing that I could ask you for suggestions and get them and then you relayed them to your crew. I also enjoyed working with your construction crew. I asked lots of questions and they were always pleasant with answers. Another nice thing is ; we have been in the house for over a year and have not needed any corrective activities. Everything done right the first time!

Of course we did not go into this construction thinking anything different since you built our first home in Lampasas. We continue to love our house you built over 20 years ago too.

Thank you for two houses well done!

Lester and Paula Formby

We would like to take this opportunity to provide feedback on John Bowen’s construction of our house. John Bowen Construction took a very structured approach to the building process. The planning process was lengthy, taking about 6 months, but it was an important step that minimized surprises during the building process, including the cost. The actual construction was methodical, with crews that had clearly worked together for years and knew what to expect from John. They had already committed to a scope of work so there were few surprises on construction details. We had only six change orders during the construction; a testament to the thorough planning and an inclusive contract. Some of these change orders returned money to us as we decided to take elements out, and some increased our cost as we added or changed specific details. This was done fairly and transparently. There were disagreements on some building details, but John listened to our concerns sometimes pushing back and explaining why it was done a particular way, in other cases, agreeing and changing the work done. A big disconnect was in the overall timing of the construction process. It took longer to complete our house than stated. While there are many reasons for this, two big drivers were crew availability (a lot of building was occurring) and the expectation to not sacrifice the quality of the end product. After the build we did have some defects, in each case John was responsive and the issues were addressed quickly. The office staff was very professional.

I recommend John Bowen construction for building a home, it is a stressful undertaking, but made less so, by planning and John’s consistent oversight during construction and finishing.


Thank you John and your staff for such a great experience! You all were great and such a blessing to us! Enjoyed every step of the way.

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Matt and Brandy Karcher

I just wanted to take a moment and write to thank you all so very much for building me and my family such a wonderful and beautiful home. We are completely over joyed to be able to do business with such an excellent and honest group of individual such as John D. Bowen Construction. This home is leaps and bounds above any of the other homes we have lived in and we still can’t believe that we live here!

The one or two VERY small issues that have come about were taken care of immediately and professionally with John stopping by the house to check the work himself to ensure a quality repair. I work for the largest auto maker in the world and issues come up from time to time that need attention and John’s team reacted immediately and remedied the issues WAY above our expectations.

Once again, we are so thankful to have this amazing house to call home and appreciate all that your team has done to make this process painless and actually enjoyable. I have and will continue to recommend John D. Bowen Construction to anyone in this area looking to purchase a new home or have a new home built.

Thank you all so much for everything.

Randy Crawford

It has been one year since John Bowen completed our home. Purposely we waited until now to give our testimonial. From the day we walked into Mr. Bowen’s office we found a friendly atmosphere very welcoming. We met with Mr. Bowen and his staff and immediately found their knowledge of not only home building but the stress accompanying the whole process, to be one of utmost proportion. The care and patients taken with us brings credit to the whole group. When we first set our plans in front of Mr. Bowen and heard him say “I’m not afraid of building this house” to its completion it was always a can do attitude. Mr. Bowen took time to meet with us and an architect to clean our home plans up. The plans were from a previously constructed home in Alpine, Texas that my wife and I designed. His architect adjusted the square footage and cleaned up the plans. Mr. Bowen met with us and the bank officials to work on the construction loan and all of our concerns were met. At each stage of construction from breaking ground to the last nail Mr. Bowen encouraged us to visit the site and talk with the sub-contractors. There was never a time when his subs made us feel bothersome. If a board needed replacing it was. When the electrical workers came in they took notices to an oversight in the spare bathroom and addressed the issue with us and Mr. Bowen. The plans were corrected and because of the attention to detail adequate lighting was installed in the spare bath. The concrete work, plumbing, cabinet work, masonry work, carpentry, detail and the floor work all was completed by individuals who take pride in their work and creativity. Copper pipe was used throughout the home. While poring the foundation the contractor took time to make sure each and every piece of exposed copper was covered so as not to in contact with the cement. As much as we stressed John Bowen, his staff and his sub-contractors, they never let us down.

As we come to the end of our first full year of occupying the house, we are pleased to say that the insulation installed in the home with its energy rating has made the home economical to maintain in all weather.

John Bowen and JDB Construction have proven that there is integrity in home building. His professionalism and pride in his construction, staff and subcontractors brings credit to him as a person, businessman and much more, a neighbor. Thank you John from Margie and me and our family for making our dream home a reality.

Armando & Margie Montes

Last week I was on the phone with the water people. They had reached out to Apex Drilling and to Danny. As we were speaking the fax from Danny came in and the issue was resolved. A total of two days went by. Here is another testimonial that the people involved in John D. Bowen Construction are outstanding and work extremely quick to rectify any and all issues having to do with the homes they build. Our many thanks to John and his entire crew for the way they conduct daily business. Your guys are truly an outstanding and elite group. Thank you again.

We love our house! Thank you SO SO much for turning our sweet two bedroom, one bath home into a perfect three bedroom, two bath home. The master suite and bath are fabulous! We are so pleased to have our own private space. Our son loves his room and his big sister is VERY happy to not have to share. It is everything we dreamed of and more. The addition matches so perfectly that many are surprised to learn that we expanded and that is just how we wanted it. PERFECT!

Thank you for taking our smaller project seriously and listening to us and our needs. Thank you for your vision as to where we should add on and your expertise in ensuring that the new parts match perfectly and seamlessly to the old. Thank you for leading us from start to finish. You knew where we could get financing and you took our ideas and turned them into a plan. Thank you for having the craftsmen on your team that could match the beauty of our century old home in brand new materials that will also stand the test of time.

WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE OUR HOME! Thank you so much John! You and your team are true professionals and have blessed our family!

Elizabeth and Charles Pekins
Lampasas, TX

We just want to say thank you very much! You truly did build us the home of our dreams. Although the road became a little bumpy at times, the end product is honestly breathtaking! Thank you for our gift basket–how did you know we love Maggianos??!! 🙂

The entire process was great. DeeNan was amazing, as well. We will definitely pass on our recommendation for Bowen Construction!

Thanks again,
Steve & Emily Strmiska

My husband and I would like to thank John for the excellent job building our home. John along with his staff was very professional and courteous. They kept us in the loop during the entire process of building our home. Someone from John’s staff called me or my husband on a weekly basis to let us know how the process was going.

John and his staff were very responsive and answered all of our questions in detail. Bo was wonderful and very patient. In changed my mind at least five times at each appointment with had with Bo, whether it choosing the color of the walls, the color of the trim, or the type of cabinets we wanted. Bo never got frustrated and never pressured me to hurry and make a decision. He allowed us to take our time to ensure we had picked the perfect colors for our new home. Bo’s comment was “Our job is to make sure you get what you want and that you are happy.”

Job well done!! John D. Bowen Construction (JDB) exceeded our expectations and we are very happy with our new home.

P.S. Thank you for the excellent customer service you provided us after we closed and a special thanks to Bo for being so patient.

We recommend JDB to anyone who is building a new home.

The Johnson Family, Belton, TX  

We have lived in our custom home built by John D. Bowen since 2004. We are pleased with the craftsmanship and expertise the company provided. We love this house, and all it has to offer, and we highly recommend John D. Bowen Construction to future buyers and builders. You get a quality product at a fair price with caring service.

Terri and Greg Porter

My wife and I have engaged John Bowen Construction twice, both times as General Contractor. The first occasion was to build a separate garage/apartment on our property. The finished building is a two and a half car garage with an attached shop and a 900 square foot two bedroom apartment. The second was a complex kitchen renovation that included removing and relocating walls, relocating the main electrical breaker box, pouring secondary slabs to level the floor and relocating the laundry room. In both cases we have been very pleased with the results.

Acting as general contractor, John Bowen was faithful to the vision that we had for both of these projects. John took the plans we had developed, and after careful consideration of our needs, he adopted everything that was good in the plans and clearly and patiently explained to us what changes had to be made to ensure a quality outcome.

During the construction, John carefully coordinated the subcontractors to ensure that the work flowed smoothly from start to finish. In addition, he frequently inspected the jobs and, if the work was subpar or not according to the plans, he made or had the necessary changes made to remedy the problem.

After working with John Bowen on both of these occasions, I would not hesitate to recommend John Bowen Construction to my friends and family for whatever construction work they need done. He is a consummate professional who ensures the highest quality workmanship in each of his projects.

Glendal L. and Cheryl L. Harris

A pleasure to work with throughout the entire building process, John D. Bowen Construction provided professional and courtesy service leading us step by step to complete our dream home. At times building a custom home can be frustrating and can seem like it will never come to completion. JDB’s utilization of their “Alpha Contract” early in the building process to pinpoint our preferences from lighting to time designs to flooring sped up and simplified the later stages for a more rapid build and earlier completion. Everyone working for JDB Construction ensured that we were satisfied with the finished house and continued to provide additional assistance as we learned the ins and outs of our custom home. The office manager, DeeNan Post, was especially easy to work with and provided answers to even the most obscure question at any time of day. Being military and building the house prior to our PCS to Texas, JDB was able to work with us over the phone and required minimal oversight to meet all our expectations for the house. We highly recommend John D. Bowen Construction to anyone desiring a quality, affordable, custom home built by courteous professionals.

Matt Madden

Mr. John D. Bowen Construction,

Marie and I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the great job that was done in the building our new home. Your attention to detail is unmatched by any builder that I have encountered.

During several unexpected issues encountered in the building process I appreciate the effort you made to correct and resolve those issues in a timely manner. I especially appreciate the high expectation that you require and demand from your subcontractor’s.

We appreciate all the assistance that your staff provided to us throughout this building process. Special thanks to DeeNan for her timeliness in notifying us of your scheduled and our requested changes and her display of such a professional manner with great emphases put on customer service.

We appreciate the great design, look and quality of build for our home. I especially thank you for being so thorough in your prediction for building our home.

Mr./Mrs. John & Marie Sanders

Mr. Bowen and Company,

Dianne and I would like to express our appreciation for the outstanding and professional work on the addition to our home. Your teams of subcontractor’s performance was superb. The attention to details; from the perfect match of the brick work to the texture and painting was great. 

Although we did encounter several problems; through aggressive and timely team work, these were corrected. Perhaps above all, the attention to detail that you provide on a day to day basis to your people was the key to the excellent and timely completion of the project.

It should also be noted that Dustin stayed on top of the contractors on a daily basis and kept me and my wife informed.

Finally, thanks for a job well done; ahead of completion date and within the expected cost.

Joe and Dianne Carden

“We purchased our home after it was already built so we weren’t involved with the building process. However, we have been very pleased with our experience since the home purchase and feel very taken care of. We appreciate the quality of this home. It’s obvious that great care was taken with the planning and construction of this home.”

Joshua and Julie Worley

“First of all, Andrea and I would like to thank John, Heather, DeeNan, Bo, and Dustin for their professionalism while we went through the process in building our home. All of you were very receptive to our concerns and thoughts. You always explained everything in detail when we had questions. Your team is still providing great customer support even after we closed on the house in December of 09. To date, you have address all of our issues in a timely and professional manner. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a home builder. Keep up the good work!”

– Charles & Andrea Franklin, Gatesville Tx.

“John, thanks so much to you and your staff for the excellent remodel you did on our home. Your folks were good to work with. We appreciate your attention to detail in making sure the job was done correctly. Your professional approach to the process made all the difference. We will certainly recommend you to others! We loved the finished rooms. Good job!”

– Mike & Maryann Severn, Kempner Tx.

“The service provided by Mr. Bowen and his staff without a doubt excelled our expectations during the construction of our dream home; they were very flexible and straight forward throughout the entire process. Not only did they provide a good support during the construction of our home, but also after the closing. “

– The Rivera Family, Killeen Tx.

“Our favorite part of our custom home building experience was that everyone was very responsive when we had issues and very helpful guiding us through the process. We are very happy in our new home!! “

– Pete & Amy Friese, Copperas Cove Tx.

“John D. Bowen Construction and staff are great people to work with. Always customer oriented and offering creative solutions to problems. They always had good ideas! The quality of the finished product is highly visible. Totally satisfied with our new building and the support provided.” 

– Joe & Myrna Hart, Copperas Cove

“John is very personable and easy to talk to about the project’s progress. Even with the delays, John was there to make corrections and make sure the job was done right.”

– Gary Clark, Lampasas

We just wanted to stop and drop a far over due line to you about our home building experience with John D. Bowen, and Co.
We built with you all in 2008, and without fail, everyone that walks into our house still comments on the beauty and uniqueness of it. The home has exceeded our expectations, and the suggestions brought to us by John, Deenann , and Dustin and Bo during the design and building process have only added to it.  John was very up front , returned phone calls every day , and most importantly, John , Bo, or Dustin was at our site during the building process, several times a day.
We know without a doubt, we received the very most for our money, and we have recommended him to everyone who even mentions building a home.
I can be contacted at mike@hchob.com we are very happy home owners. Thanks john and crew.
PS. A special thanks to Dustin for the outstanding service after the sale.

-Mike and Karen Neely

John D Bowen Construction built our home in 2008. My husband had interviewed several builders before I went with him on select few of second interviews. Bowen Construction was the only team with which I wanted to work. We were quite detailed in knowing what we wanted in a home. Though there were a few changes along the way. John and Deenan were great; change orders were not a problem, simply a part of the process. Our home is down right comfortable. We get asked two questions quite often: Who built your home? Is this a John Bowen home? Bowen Construction gets all thumbs up from us. We don’t plan to build again, but if ever that would be necessary…we would use Bowen Construction again. They are professional, responsive, and customer oriented.

-Gwen & David Allen, Kempner

The John D. Bowen construction Co. was contracted to build a custom home for us . The company worked very closely with my wife to develop the house plans, the plans were agreed upon. The construction was agreed to start in March 2010 to be completed in apprx.. 6 mos.The home was completed according to the contract in the estimated time agreed upon. JDB Construction did an excellent job preparing the ground/lot approx. 2 acres to accommodate the best positioning of the home ,very happy with outcome.  The construction of the home was handled in a satisfactory manner. WE are pleased with  the home and pleased with JDB Const. follow up and handling of of warranty work to date.

We would recommend JDB Construction Company as  competent, professional and legitimate Home Builder.

– Jim & Barbara Saegert

We are extremely pleased with the work done for us by John Bowen Construction Co. We received a grant from the VA to renovate an existing bedroom and bathroom, to make them handicap-accessible. Our architect mentioned the company; we looked at Bowen’s web site, and, also found that they were on the VA list of approved builders in this area.

We were told by Mr. Bowen at the start of the project what to expect, and he was right on with his cautions and comments. As we were having our existing bedroom and bathroom renovated, John and his “man on site,” Dustin, were able to schedule the work for the project so that we could continue to use our old bedroom and old bathroom, while the construction was on-going.

The quality of the work, and the craftsmanship couldn’t be better. Bowen’s subs must be the best in this area.

The project took a little longer than expected, but I’ll trade time for craftsmanship, any time.

DeeNan was our life-line. Her knowledge of the VA, dealing with that bureaucracy, was invaluable.

As the project continued, Dustin was on site any time work was being done. John was here, at least twice weekly, checking the quality of the work. Particularly impressive was when he had the walkthrough to do a punch-list. My wife and I found 5-6 little things. John found about 20 things that he wasn’t satisfied with.

– James & Anita Ritter

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey